Q1.My Pump/Filter/Heater is not working, why?

Backwash the filter.  Backwashing will take care of many of these problems.
Backwashing is as follows:

Unplug or turn off the pump and filter, move the multiport handle from filter to waste or backwash, run the backwash for a couple of seconds or until the sight glass water turns from cloudy to clear, turn the multiport handle of the filter back to filter, plug in pump and filter, turn the pool back on again.

Q2.How do I locate a leak in my pool?

a) Have you watched the level of the pool?
b) Have you tried to shut off the skimmers and returns to see if the water is still leaking?
c) Do you have a light?
d) Do you have a main drain?

Q3.How do I create the correct chemical balance?

•Brown or black water – add 20 lbs alkalinity, liquid shock – gunite – 10-15  gal and vinyl – 5 gal.
•Green – add PH, chlorine, backwash, shock and leaf rake (the leaves and debris on the bottom will eat up your chemicals).
•Blue cloudy – add Hydroquest, clarifier and shock treatment.
•Emerald – not slimy – copper in the water, add metal out.
•Milky – green pool becomes milky after treatment, filter the pool and vacuum.