Pool opening

Ensuring all of the equipment and plumbing is in good operating order is essential for an economic and problem free season ahead.

A pool opening consists of:
•Take cover off.
•Clean and fold and put away neatly.
•Hook-up the pumps and filters, heater and chlorinator or salt generator.
•Attach ladder and dive board.
•Add chemicals and leave with the pool running


Pool closing

Winterizing your pool the right way is essential in order to prevent winter-related plumbing and equipment problems. Unprofessionally closed pools are the single biggest cause of repair-related expenses for Long Island pool-owners.

Additionally, our pool closings ensure that next year’s opening can be as efficient and economical as possible.

A pool closing consists of:
•Take apart the pumps and filters
•Remove the ladder and dive board
•Blow out the lines
•Add winterizing chemicals and put the cover on.

Extra services related with closing:
•Winterizing heaters
•Winterizing solar heating
•Winterizing spas or Jacuzzis
•Winterizing ponds
•Putting away lawn furniture
•Other services (call for details).

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Pool servicing

Dive into your sparkling oasis all season long with complete peace of mind. Frequent water analysis and optimal chemical use guarantees crystal clear water without the risk of sore eyes, runny noses and worse.

Maintenance used when necessary includes vacuuming, power washing, acid washes, chemical testing and balancing.

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Pool repairs

Consult with one of our highly experienced pool experts about any pool related issues. Understanding your pool system can enable you to prevent issues from turning into major headaches and expenses.

Electronic leak detection and cost effective state of the art repair practices afford our customers the most economic and dependable pool repairs on Long Island.

Other repair services we offer (but are not limited to) include:

•Equipment repairs (heaters, filters, pumps etc.)
•Liner repairs and replacement
•Plumbing repairs (inc:  skimmers, return lines, main drain)
•Cover repairs and replacement (Loop-Loc)
•Baby Loc safety fencing
•Masonry and coping repairs

, as prudent.

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