Pool Service Long Island

Park Avenue Pools is skilled at bringing you the finest quality in pool service in Long Island. Two of our specialties are opening pools right as the season begins, and then closing them to protect them from the winter. We highly recommend letting us perform these services, because they’re what can help extend the lifespan of your pool.

Pool Opening

fountainA proper pool opening will give your pool the best setup from the very start of the season. First, we’ll remove the pool cover and thoroughly clean it as part of our Long Island pool service. Once that’s done, we’ll neatly store it away until the end of the season.

For the next part of our Long Island pool service, we’ll hook up your pumps, filters, and more. In the process, we’ll inspect each component to make sure that they’re all working properly and to the best of their abilities. After that, we’ll attach your ladder and diving board to the pool.

Finally, we’ll carefully mix in the correct amount of chemicals and leave the pool running, so it’s immediately ready for use. We understand how difficult it can be to balance the right amount of chlorine in the pool; that’s why we recommend our pool service over opening your Long Island pool yourself.

Pool Closing

Once the season’s over, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure your pool is prepared for the winter’s harsh temperatures with a Long Island pool closing. This helps prevent costly repairs on plumbing and equipment. In fact, Long Island swimming pools that aren’t closed at the highest standards cause the highest amount of repairs.

The first step of our Long Island pool service is to remove the pumps and filters, as well as your ladder and diving board. We’ll then blow out the lines and add winterizing chemicals to the water. This is one of the best ways to preserve your pool during the cold months. Our last step is to put the cover on to fully protect your pool.

We also offer extra services for keeping your landscape and pool safe during the winter. We can successfully winterize heaters, jacuzzis, ponds, and more.

Pool Heaters

Although pool heaters require little maintenance, we can still service them for you in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately calcium can build up in the tubes sometimes, which can be difficult to remove. That’s why this job should be left to the pool service professionals on Long Island. At Park Avenue Pools, we’ll know the right way to service all of your equipment, even if needs to be completed disassembled. However, if your Long Island heater needs to be replaced, we can perform a pool heater installation for you.

Give Park Avenue Pools a call today at (631) 586-7665 for some of the best pool service on Long Island. We have a long-standing reputation for good work and competitive prices, which our customers love. You won’t have to worry about the cold weather affecting your pool or landscape again.